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Squamish to Aconcagua = Squagua

Hey! I'm Mark Sky.
I Look Forward To Meeting You. 

I'm currently on a once-in-a-lifetime unprecedented expedition with a goal to inspire others to chase their wildest dreams. I started this expedition May 31, 2023.

Details are on the Expedition Page.

I'm seeking a few amazing partners to join me on this journey, become my teammate, and let's create and nurture a meaningful, mutually beneficial partnership.

I bring substantial value to the collaboration and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can achieve great heights together.

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What Inspired This Dream?

"In my twenties, I had this dream of taking on the world in the most epic adventure ever. But life threw me a curveball when my girlfriend got hit with cancer at 27. I spent eight years as a caretaker, and it showed me how precious and short life can be.

So, I said to myself, it's now or never! I'm going all-in on this mind-blowing expedition of a lifetime. And you know what? It's not just about me; I want to give back too. I'll raise funds for those in need, capture every jaw-dropping moment on film, write an inspiring book and tour the world as a motivational speaker, inspiring as many humans as possible to chase their wildest dreams.

Get ready for a journey that'll leave your audience speechless. It's my story, and damn, it's gonna be legendary!"

Mark - "Raw, Vulnerable & Honest"

When I started my epic journey, I left behind everything I know - my business, friends, home and community. And as fate would have it, my girlfriend of over 2 years and I broke up, adding another layer of emotional struggle to start my mission. Undeterred by these sacrifices, I face the seemingly insurmountable challenge ahead of me - alone. 

From the onset, the odds are stacked against me, as some people dismiss my expedition as impossible. I remain determined, believing that limits are created by those who fear dreaming big. After 4 years of dreaming and planning, I began my journey May 31, 2023. With a significant portion of the expedition complete, I am adamant about completing the journey, even if I have to face it alone, which in many ways, I have since I started.

As news of my extraordinary quest spreads, some skeptics become supporters, inspired by my indomitable spirit. Along the way, I form unlikely alliances with fellow adventurers and receive encouragement from fans worldwide, fueling my determination to succeed.

"Expedition Squagua" is an inspiring tale of my relentless pursuit of a dream, challenging the boundaries of human endurance, and proving that with courage, passion, and a refusal to accept limits, anything is possible.

Will I conquer the impossible and make history, or will the obstacles along the way prove too much for even the most daring explorer?

Join me on this extraordinary odyssey with a mutually beneficial partnership throughout the journey, prior to a powerful live presentation with me, immediately following this expedition will leave your audience spellbound and redefine the meaning of risk, teamwork, determination, focus and perseverance.

Please start by downloading the 'Partnership Package' below. It will help you make a good decision. 

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