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  • ​Lifestyle Coach: Visionary and Creator of the Holistic Lifestyle Design Academy: Life Mapping Secrets - the Ultimate Life Mapping System to Design and Live Your Best Life.
  • Athlete: Adventure Racing World Series and Eco-Challenge: Worlds Toughest Race in Fiji with the legendary, Bear Grylls. Watch exclusively on Amazon Prime. 
  • Adventurer: Currently on Expedition Squagua, a 24,000km, 22 month Human-Powered Expedition. 
  • ​Philanthropist: Founder of Outdoor Adventurers Club - combining world class expeditions to raise money for charities, environment and impoverished communities.
  • Health & Nutrition Coach: Areas of interest are superfoods, vegetarian diets, smoothies & juicing for high-performers.
  • ​Entrepreneur: Successfully navigating the business world for over 10 years. 
  • ​Speaker: Featured at venues/events including the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF).

Hello Friends, Life Mappers and Fellow Humans,

It is with a sense of profound pride and honor that I have made it my life's mission to inspire and empower others like you to pursue and live your dream life. I am dedicated to this purpose and strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those around me. You can hold me to this statement. 

Your life goal planning expert and coach Mark Sky


My early adulthood was a time of boundless energy, excitement, and a thirst for new experiences. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel and explore Europe, playing soccer and attending the World Cup, as well as backpacking through various countries. This journey ignited a passion for adventure within me, and upon my return, I knew that I needed to continue seeking out new experiences. I subsequently returned to Europe for a few months before eventually making my way to Australia where I settled in Surfers Paradise and completed my bachelor’s degree in marketing.

As I progressed into my mid-twenties, I felt a calling to continue my journey of exploration and self-discovery. Instead of returning to Canada to pursue a conventional career path, I decided to continue living a life of adventure and freedom. I found myself working as a bungee jump master in Queenstown, New Zealand for three years, utilizing my free time for activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, skydiving, and exploring the rugged terrain of the mountains, rivers, and caves. Despite the thrill and excitement of these experiences, I began to recognize that I desired more stability, direction and purpose in my life. 

With this realization, I decided to return to Canada and make Vancouver, BC my home. However, upon my return, I found that my carefree and adventurous lifestyle was about to take a turn for the worse.


By my later twenties, I found myself in a challenging situation as the primary caregiver for my ex-partner who was battling cancer. Balancing the demands of my full-time business and the responsibilities of caring for someone else (also a full-time job after work and every weekend) consumed me and stretched me beyond my limits. It was financially, emotionally and physically draining with no end in sight.

As a result, I struggled with depression, developed unhealthy habits, drank very heavily on a daily basis and started accumulating debt. My life was spiralling out of control.

Pretty f#cked up right? Yeah, my life was a mess and I'll share everything with you over time. I’ll bet you can relate to some of it too.

However, this experience served as a turning point in my life. I took a hard look at my future and asked myself the question, "What are your life goals?" This question hit me hard, and I knew that it was time for a change. I started writing out all my life goals!

lifestyle designer accepting award at World's Toughest Race in Fiji with Bear Grylls

Mark Sky (Team Atlas Canada) & Bear Grylls - Eco Challenge: World's Toughest Race - 13th Place Finish

My number 1 goal at the time was to compete as a world-class athlete. I quit drinking completely for several years. I completely changed my diet. I hired a coach and I changed my mindset.

Lifestyle by design - coast mountains


Three years later I was competing in the adventure racing World Series (the hardest endurance sport on the planet) with one of the top 10 teams in the world. Life changed! I cracked the code! But my life did suffer in other areas of life which I wasn’t even aware of. I learned very fast that to become one of the best in any area of life means making sacrifices in other areas. Being the best in one area of life lost its appeal to me and I started focusing on a more holistic approach to setting life goals.

Fast forward ten years, and I am a transformed individual.

I have achieved a level of balance and fulfillment in my life that I never thought possible (and It’s still improving as I grow).

I have made my home in Squamish, BC, one of my favorite places in the world.

My business has a purpose much greater then myself and money, as I help people realize and live their dream life!

I started an organization to raise money for charities through adventure.

My lifestyle is healthy and active [although not perfect by any means], with almost daily engagement in activities such as biking, climbing, running, paddling, and skiing.

I have even competed at Eco Challenge: World’s Toughest Race. It was a 10-day non-stop race through the oceans, beaches and jungles of Fiji and hosted by Bear Grylls. You’ve probably watched it on Amazon Prime.

I'm currently on the biggest adventure of my life. I'm living my wildest dreams as I bike and kayak from Canada to Argentina to climb the highest mountains in every country - for 22 months! 

But what I'm most proud of is my ability to share my journey and life lessons with others through my Lifestyle Design Course for High Performers. I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made and empower them to design and live a life that truly makes them happy and fulfilled. Think Life Map not Life Goal. Join the best life mapper community in the world. 



Dream Life Secrets is the product of years spent immersed in the vast landscape of personal growth, carefully curated through adventures in research and application. It's the ultimate tool for those seeking real happiness and a life fulfillment.
Picture this: life is an adventure across ten diverse terrains, each as vital as the other. While many explorers tend to focus their compass on a few peaks like health, fitness, and career, they overlook the valleys that hold the secrets to holistic well-being. This is why even those who conquer towering heights often find a hollow within.

In our wanderings through this journey, we've discovered a crucial map-making skill—crafting your Life Map. It's like plotting your dream trail, marking where you want to set up camp, and envisioning the breathtaking views. Oddly enough, this essential skill is absent from the early training we receive in the village below the mountain peaks.

Enter 'Life Mapping Secrets', a guide to help explorers chart their course across all ten elements of life. 

Our story is one of dedication, a saga spanning over a decade, investing time, energy, and resources in the quest for personal growth. We've combed through libraries of books, trekked the trails of courses, sought wisdom from seasoned guides, and collaborated with fellow explorers to finally decode the mysteries of this adventurous journey called 'Life'.

We get it—it's not easy to find a seasoned guide who can navigate you through every nook and cranny of life's grand expedition. That's why we've bundled our knowledge into a comprehensive package, giving you all the gear you need to ascend to your dream peaks.

So, lace up your hiking boots, grab some snacks, and join us as we traverse the path to true balance and fulfillment amidst the grandeur of life's mountains. The adventure awaits, and a life of summits is spectacular. 

Will You Start Your Life Expedition?

Giving Back:

Outdoor Adventurers Club

  • ​ABOUT: Outdoor Adventurers Club consists of philanthropists who dedicate their adventure/expedition by raising and donating services, products and/or financial support to a cause, charity or organization that is helping to protect the environment, people and/or impoverished communities around the globe.
  • ​MISSION: The Outdoor Adventurers Club is focused on building a community of outdoor adventurers that want to make the world a better place!
  • ​HISTORY: Mark Sky founded the club in January 2022.
The Adventure Club that raises money for charity through adventure philanthropy
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