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Canada to Argentina
22 Months
24,000 KM [15,000 Miles]
15 Countries

100% Human-Powered
(Bike, Hike, Climb & Kayak)
Climb the Highest Mountain In Every Country Including Highest Mountain In The Americas:
Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina
(6,962 m | 22,840 ft)

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For the past decade, I've dedicated my time and effort towards the study of personal growth and the attainment of life goals. I have achieved many of my own aspirations and I live a life that serves as a source of inspiration for others. With my extensive knowledge and experience in personal development and adventure, I aim to empower and guide individuals in the pursuit of their "true happiness" and the realization of their wildest dreams.

  • ​​Lifestyle Coach: Visionary and Creator of the Ultimate Life Mapping System to Empower Individuals to "Design Your Dream Life and Live Your Best Life".
  • Athlete: Eco-Challenge: World's Toughest Race with Bear Grylls and Adventure Racing World Series.
  • ​Adventure Philanthropist​: Combining World Class Expeditions with Charitable Efforts to Make a Positive Impact on the World. 


Lifestyle Design Secrets to Live your best life

Hey Friend!  

Have you ever dreamed of crafting your epic life journey? Ready to conquer life's summits and chart your own destiny? Have you ever envisioned a life on your terms, an adventure of your making?

Life Mapping Secrets is your tool for crafting that dream. It's not just another program; it's a comprehensive lifestyle design system covering all 10 crucial elements of life.

Built with love and years of meticulous effort, it provides the tools you need to shape your ideal life. Ready to embark on this journey with me? Take the first step with our free workshop and reach for the summit of your dream life! 

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Life Mapping Secrets
Ultimate Holistic Lifestyle Design System to Live Your Best Life

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